Financial Aid and Student Loans in Massachusetts

If you’re applying for college in the state of Massachusetts, you already know how difficult it is to find the funding you need to attend the school of your choice. In fact, Massachusetts ranks 50th out of 50 in terms of average cost of attendance, coming in at a whopping $52,969. Most people aren’t lucky enough to have family members that can completely cover the cost of their education. Most students we talk to use a mixture of loans, tuition relief, grants, and scholarships.

In Massachusetts, there is a wide range of excellent financial aid programs, grants, and scholarships. Massachusetts is one of the few states that offers this many unique opportunities to reduce the cost of your education.

On this page, we’ll help you explore all the different financial aid and scholarship opportunities available if you want to attend a college or university in Massachusetts. 

What scholarship programs does Massachusetts have?

If you’re searching for a scholarship to help fund the cost of your college education, you’ll be pleased to learn that Massachusetts offers plenty of options. Residents of Massachusetts benefit from one of the most extensive lists of state-specific scholarship programs in the country.

Let’s explore all your options in more detail, below:

Paul Tsongas Scholarship

The Paul Tsongas Scholarship offers full tuition coverage for students attending a state-funded university in Massachusetts. It is a highly-competitive scholarship that is based primarily on merit. Eligible applicants will need a 1,200 SAT score and a GPA of 3.75 or above to apply.

John and Abigail Adams Scholarship

The unique scholarship is almost entirely dependent on the scores you achieve during your high school sophomore year on the MCAS test. For those who perform exceptionally well, up to $1,700 per year is available in the form of a college scholarship.

One Family Scholarship

“One Family Scholarships” are offered by One Family, Inc. Unlike other scholarships, this particular funding option also provides additional support and services. The primary aim of the scholarship is to help underprivileged children pursue their dreams via a college education.

The amount that students receive is dependent on various factors but is substantial in many cases. Some scholarships will also cover living expenses and other related university costs.

Agnes M. Lindsay Scholarship

If you’re from an eligible rural area in Massachusetts, you might qualify for the Agnes M. Lindsay Scholarship. To apply for this scholarship, begin by filling out a FAFSA form. You will need to prove that you have been a resident of Massachusetts for at least the past 12 months.

Early Childhood Educators Scholarship

If you currently work in early childhood care, you can apply for the Early Childhood Educators Scholarship. For eligible workers who want to undertake an early childhood-related degree or qualification, there is up to $4,500 of per-semester funding available.

The primary purpose of the scholarship is to increase the skill levels and education of individuals that are working in early childhood care. You can use this scholarship for bachelor’s, associate’s, and master’s degrees.

Massachusetts High Demand Scholarship

Massachusetts has a scholarship dedicated to increasing qualified individuals in high demand areas. At present, you will need to pursue a STEM subject to apply for the High Demand scholarship. Up to $5,500 in annual funding is available.

Here are a few of the other requirements:

  • S. Citizenship or eligible exception
  • 0 GPA (minimum)
  • No previous bachelor’s degree
  • Enrollment in an eligible university
  • Apply via FAFSA

Christian A. Herter Memorial Scholarship

The Christian A. Herter Memorial Scholarship has been assisting college students since its inception in 1972. The scholarship employs a unique approach to assist students that have the potential to succeed academically. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be from a disadvantaged background.

While the amount of money that is received will vary depending on a range of contributing factors, students can sometimes receive up to 50% of the total cost of attending university in the state of Massachusetts.

What grant programs does Massachusetts have?

If you’re not eligible for the scholarships listed in the above section, or you’re looking for additional funding, you might want to consider the various grants available to Massachusetts residents.

Let’s take a look at the most common options:

Foster Child Grant

If you were in the foster system within the state of Massachusetts, you might be eligible for a substantial grant that can help you pay for your college tuition and related costs. Those who receive the Foster Child Grant in Massachusetts benefit from up to $6,000 per year.

If you want to apply for the Foster Child Grant, you will need to meet various eligibility criteria. These are the core requirements:

  • Massachusetts resident
  • Submit a FAFSA form
  • Full-time enrollment (minimum of 12 credits)
  • In custody of Department of Children and Families (must be via Care and Protection Petition)
  • Below the age of 25 when the school year commences


MASSGrant is a grant available to Massachusetts residents that meet specific residency and income requirements. Like many financial aid programs, you will need an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) document that outlines your family’s financial circumstances. The amount of money that you receive is mostly dependent on the EFC.

Massachusetts Public Service Grant

The Massachusetts Public Service Grant is for individuals that have lost a parent or spouse while performing a public service in the state of Massachusetts. For example, the child or spouse of a police officer killed in the line of duty.

Unlike other grants, which have a specific dollar amount, beneficiaries of the grant receive the full tuition cost of any state-funded school in Massachusetts.

One of the primary benefits of the Massachusetts Public Service Grant is that you do not have to attend a state-funded university to receive the benefits associated with it. If you decide to attend a private or independent college, you will receive an amount of money equal to the annual tuition at UMASS, Amherst.

What student loans programs does Massachusetts have?

Massachusetts is one of the only states in the country with its own student loan program. If you’re eligible for government aid, you might be able to receive a no-interest loan through the state of Massachusetts. You will need to fill out a Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) form to begin the process.

The maximum amount you can borrow using this program is $20,000, and you will have ten years to pay it back. If you pay the loan back within the term, you are not charged any interest, which is a definite incentive to pay back in time.

Federal student loans

Prospective Massachusetts students can receive federal financial aid assistance by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA). 

Private co-signed student loans

There are many private student loan opportunities for those who need additional assistance on top of federal student loans. Many banks, credit unions, and dedicated lending companies offer private student loans, but almost all require a co-signer.

No co-signer student loans in Massachusetts

Funding U began because we identified thousands of students who were unable to qualify for a private student loan because they didn’t have an eligible co-signer. While w

e’re no longer the only provider of such loans, we offer no co-signer student loans to career-focused students currently enrolled full time in college. The requirements for receiving a loan are dependent upon the GPA of the student and the graduation rate of the institution they attend. To learn more about our no co-signer student loans click here.

What schools does Funding U lend to In Massachusetts?

Generally speaking, Funding U’s no co-signer loans are offered to students at eligible four-year, non-profit, undergraduate degree-granting universities (which means we do not lend to for-profit schools, 2-year schools, graduate schools, or trade schools). Our eligibility requirements are based on models that aim to predict how likely a student is to graduate, and because of that we have minimum GPA requirements that students must meet and minimum 6-year graduation rates that schools must reach in order to be eligible. To find out more about how we determine our eligibility, click here.

Below is a table listing all of the schools in Massachusetts that Funding U is currently lending to, with additional details on which grades we are currently lending to, based on the school’s 6-year graduation rate. 

School NameFreshman
6 yr
Grad Rate
American International CollegeNoNoNoNo4760
Amherst CollegeYesYesYesYes9397
Anna Maria CollegeNoNoNoNo4669
Assumption CollegeNoYesYesYes7582
Babson CollegeYesYesYesYes9196
Bay Path UniversityNoNoYesYes5970
Becker CollegeNoNoNoNo4473
Bentley UniversityNoYesYesYes8992
Berklee College of MusicNoNoYesYes6484
Boston Architectural CollegeNoNoNoNo2068
Boston Baptist CollegeNoYesYesYes7071
Boston CollegeYesYesYesYes9295
Boston UniversityNoYesYesYes8893
Brandeis UniversityNoYesYesYes8894
Bridgewater State UniversityNoNoYesYes6076
Cambridge CollegeNoNoNoNo1783
Clark UniversityNoYesYesYes7786
College of Our Lady of the ElmsNoNoYesYes6684
College of the Holy CrossYesYesYesYes9295
Curry CollegeNoNoYesYes5368
Eastern Nazarene CollegeNoNoNoNo4667
Emerson CollegeNoYesYesYes7988
Emmanuel College (Massachusetts)NoNoYesYes6678
Endicott CollegeNoYesYesYes7684
Fisher CollegeNoNoNoNo2460
Fitchburg State UniversityNoNoYesYes6178
Framingham State UniversityNoNoYesYes5676
Franklin W Olin College of EngineeringYesYesYesYes9399
Gordon CollegeNoYesYesYes7083
Hampshire CollegeNoNoYesYes6676
Harvard UniversityYesYesYesYes9898
Hellenic College-Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of TheologyNoNoYesYes6971
Lasell CollegeNoNoYesYes6173
Lesley UniversityNoNoYesYes6180
Massachusetts College of Art and DesignNoNoYesYes6387
Massachusetts College of Liberal ArtsNoNoYesYes5673
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyYesYesYesYes9499
Massachusetts Maritime AcademyNoYesYesYes7388
MCPHS UniversityNoNoYesYes6983
Merrimack CollegeNoYesYesYes7181
Montserrat College of ArtNoNoYesYes5581
Mount Holyoke CollegeNoYesYesYes8391
Mount Ida CollegeNoNoNoNo4167
Newbury CollegeNoNoNoNo3157
Nichols CollegeNoNoYesYes5577
Northeastern UniversityNoYesYesYes8897
Northpoint Bible CollegeNoNoNoNo4665
Pine Manor CollegeNoNoNoNo3859
Regis CollegeNoNoYesYes5782
Salem State UniversityNoNoYesYes5877
Simmons CollegeNoYesYesYes8082
Smith CollegeNoYesYesYes8993
Springfield CollegeNoYesYesYes7287
Stonehill CollegeNoYesYesYes7986
Suffolk UniversityNoNoYesYes5977
The New England Conservatory of MusicNoYesYesYes8593
Tufts UniversityYesYesYesYes9396
University of Massachusetts-AmherstNoYesYesYes8091
University of Massachusetts-BostonNoNoNoNo4878
University of Massachusetts-DartmouthNoNoYesYes5674
University of Massachusetts-LowellNoNoYesYes6386
Wellesley CollegeYesYesYesYes9295
Wentworth Institute of TechnologyNoNoYesYes6684
Western New England UniversityNoNoYesYes6078
Westfield State UniversityNoNoYesYes6379
Wheaton College (Massachusetts)NoYesYesYes7888
Wheelock CollegeNoNoYesYes5676
Williams CollegeYesYesYesYes9598
Worcester Polytechnic InstituteNoYesYesYes8795
Worcester State UniversityNoNoYesYes5780
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