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A Message From the Founder


At Funding U we believe that high-achieving college students – regardless of family income - deserve the resources needed to complete their degree and get started on their career goals.

Young consumers - particularly those who grew up in low- or moderate-income households - are shut out by the bank requirements for co-signers and/or income.

We started Funding U to provide a loan that students can get on their own, based on hard work, tenacity, and focus - not based on the income level or credit score of a loan cosigner. We wish no one needed student loans. But, in a world in which college costs are high, financial aid is limited, federal loans have small caps, and banks won’t provide loans without a cosigner, we chose to offer a solution.

We love technology, value human honesty and ‘real’ answers, and we always want feedback. But, most of all, we are honored to be part of our borrowers’ journeys towards their academic goals and professional dreams.


Founder + CEO

Our Team

Brandon McBride
Chief Operating Officer
Max Marquardt
CFO & Head of Analytics
Rob Nadler
SVP of Business Development & Partnerships
Solomon Miller
Head of Product
Alan Ishida
Head of School Sales
Millie Bernatovicz
Lending Operations Manager
Jessica Josephine
Lending Operations Specialist
Harrah Sims
Lending Operations Specialist
Jeanette Davis
Lending Operations Specialist
Mark Goldfarb
Senior Director of Operations
Erin Weller
Assistant Controller
Hollianne Balloun
Lending Operations Specialist
James Allsup
Technical Product Manager
Satish Polamuri