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Funding U strives to be the home for students and parents trying to make outcome-driven decisions about college and how to pay for it. We believe that high-achieving college students – regardless of family income - deserve the resources and information needed to become educated, employed, financially-stable adults.

Funding U launched its no co-signer loan to cover ‘last gap’ college costs in Georgia in 2016, expanded across the nation in 2018, and now offer loans to residents of 30 States. Every year, 5 million students cannot access a bank loan due to a lack of traditional credit history. More than half will delay or drop out of school. To date, the company has received $500M in loan applications - and has originated $4M, proving the concept of providing credit based on academic patterns combined with forward looking earnings and employability.

At the heart of our business is our predictive data analytics platform which identifies, acquires, and engages the ~25M American students who annually graduate 4-year college, gain employment, and achieve steady earnings. Young consumers - particularly those who grew up in low or moderate-income households - are grossly underserved by the financial services industry due to a mismatch with traditional FICO-based underwriting.

We started this company to provide a product thousands of college students told us they need - a loan that a student can get on his/her own, based on hard work, tenacity, and focus - not based on the income level or credit score of a loan co-signer. We wish no one needed student loans. But, in a world in which college costs are high, financial aid is limited, federal loans have small caps, and banks won’t provide loans without a co-signer, we chose to offer a solution. We love technology, value human honesty and ‘real’ answers, and we always want feedback. But, most of all, we are honored to be part of our borrowers’ journeys towards their academic goals and professional dreams.


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Jesse Dyer
Cofounder + COO
Peter DeWeese
Max Marquardt
Head of Analytics
Brian McLean
Senior HR Advisor
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Senior Developer
Matthew Hall
Marketing Director
Larry Ficych
Lead Underwriter
Raul Chavarria
Loan Officer
Alan Ishida
Regional Director of Business Development
Tripp Trimble
Customer Service Representative
Dan Kimerling
Director - Managing Partner Deciens Capital
Lora Robertson
Head of Capital Markets, Director - Partner Ret. Goldman Sachs
Todd Eicher
Director - CEO, TME Ventures
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